Query by name

Use this page to query the Canadian Geographical Names Data Base (CGNDB). Type the name of a city, town, lake (or any other geographical feature), specify the type of feature you are searching for and the Province or Territory where it is located, and click "Submit Query". This will send a query to the CGNDB and return a list of places or features with the name you specified.

1. Key in a place name or the name of the geographical feature

Use the name only, i.e. "Montreal" or "Lake Erie", NOT "Montreal, Quebec" nor "Lake Erie, Ontario". Accents on French, European and Aboriginal characters are not required. Click here to obtain the syllabic equivalent character sequence.

2. Select one or more feature types

3. Find current, historic or other names

Or, choose a specific status

4. Select one or more regions

5. Group results by

6. Select output option

Note: The data returned by a query are derived or encapsulated from records held by provincial, territorial and federal geographical names authorities. Up-to-date information about individual toponyms should be obtained from provincial and territorial geographical names authorities, or the federal department or agency that administers the property.

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