Geographical names near 51°41′0″N, 109°23′3″W

Within a radius of20 km
StatusOfficial and Historical

POINT(-109.38416666667 51.683333333333)
Name Location Province/Territory Generic Term Status Distance (km)
Driver 20-31-24-W3 Saskatchewan Locality Official 0
Smiley 3-31-25-W3 Saskatchewan Village Official 9
Coleville 6-32-23-W3 Saskatchewan Village Official 10
Prairiedale No. 321 Saskatchewan Rural Municipality Official 12
Herrick Low Lake 32,33-24-W3 Saskatchewan Lake Official 13
Oakdale No. 320 Saskatchewan Rural Municipality Official 14
Street Lake 33-24-W3 Saskatchewan Lake Official 20
Teo Lakes Saskatchewan Lakes Official 21
Crookshanks Lake 26-33-24-W3 Saskatchewan Lake Official 21
Superb 35-33-25-W3 Saskatchewan Hamlet Official 23
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