Geographical names near 50°16′24.79″N, 107°20′43.13″W

Within a radius of20 km
StatusOfficial and Historical

POINT(-107.34531388889 50.273552777778)
Name Location Province/Territory Generic Term Status Distance (km)
Highfield Reservoir 15-10,11-W3 Saskatchewan Reservoir Official 4
Burnham 16-15-11-W3 Saskatchewan Locality Official 9
Neidpath 1-15-10-W3 Saskatchewan Hamlet Official 9
Coulee No. 136 Saskatchewan Rural Municipality Official 13
Rush Lake 1-17-11-W3 Saskatchewan Village Official 15
Rush Lake 17-10-W3 Saskatchewan Lake Previously Official 16
Fauna 16-11-W3 Saskatchewan Railway Point Official 16
Rushlake Creek 7-17-10-W3 Saskatchewan Creek Official 18
Hallonquist 25-13-10-W3 Saskatchewan Hamlet Official 19
Herbert 17-9-W3 Saskatchewan Town Official 19
East Wiwa Creek 29-13-10-W3 Saskatchewan Creek Official 19
Braddock 24-13-11-W3 Saskatchewan Locality Official 19
Braddock Reservoir 19-13-10-W3 Saskatchewan Reservoir Official 21
Handsome Lake 18-11-W3 Saskatchewan Lake Official 24
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